Safety Solutions

Meshguard Barriers

FINAN Meshguard System utilises steel mesh barriers to protect the open edges on concrete, steel and timber structures. With its industry established connection detail, Meshguard delivers speedy assembly with economy and safety in mind.

Safety Net Catch Fans

The Safety Net Fan was developed as a result of a comprehensive study of the problems associated with the falling of objects and workers as well as risks of falling objects for the workers or members of public.

Loading Platform

Loading Platforms are a highly effective and internationally recognized technique, for the vertical distribution of multiple types of building materials and components associated with building construction.

Scaffolding and Access Systems

At FINAN Formworks we provide a comprehensive range of scaffolding solutions, which compliment our offering as an addition to Formwork Solutions & Safety Solutions.

Vertifan Mini Screen

The Vertifan Climber is an Innovative self-climbing perimeter protection unit, with the capacity to cover multiple floors at a time.

Safety Screen

The Safety Screen system has been Innovatively designed & upgraded to include for efficient off-site assembly, as well as logistical considerations.

Separation Barrier

The Separation Barrier has been a significant & useful addition to our Safety Systems Solutions.