The Tri-Ton 500 slab panel formwork solution is a highly competitive & innovative solution for all your slab forming needs, when considered both technically & commercially. The TRI-Ton panel when constructed with the extruded aluminium profiles, coupled with the cast iron 4 way drop head system and quality forming face, can prove to be a long life robust slab forming system Uniquely the system as well as light in weigh is highly durable at a maximum panel weight of only 31.12 kgs for the largest panel @ 1800 x 1200 mm With this simple and well-engineered design we have been able to demonstrate peaks of 20 m2 per main hour

  • User-friendly, therefore easy to communicate
  • Demonstrates very high labor outputs
  • Adaptability to most geometry requirements
  • Gives more flexibility to generate alternative slab forming a combination, therefore no requirement to change the formwork system mid-stream
  • The consistent positive response from the operatives
  • Very favorable for site logistic & storage
  • Achieve 36-hour striking time with 4 way crown drop head
  • Quality as struck finish
  • Full range of variations in length & width
  • High load capacity up to 500mm slab
  • ¬†Immediate Installation from bundle to erection
  • Minimal components, panel, prop & crown head
  • Very efficient for the vertical floor to floor movements
  • Improved solutions for edge protection and corner columns, in terms of building and striking safely