The TRADForm solution is a highly competitive & innovative solution for all your civil concrete forming needs, when considered both technically & commercially.
The TRADForm panel when constructed with the hot dip galvanized waler and the long life plastic plywood sheeting is designed to cope with the toughest concrete civil forming applications, delivering upto 40 concrete casting uses on the same face. Uniquely this formwork panel can be an all weather shutter, which does not need to be dismantled and can be stored without the need to protect and cover, particularly during the winter months

  • Full range of variations in height & width
  • High load capacity in the FST150 beam
  • Complete range of fixings and attachments
  • Maximum reduction in wooden components means reduced deterioration
  • Adaptability to most geometry requirements
  •  Adaptable to vertical & horizontal elements
  • Long-life shutter system
  • Very robust high capacity engineered beam
  •  Fully galvanized and roll-formed engineering
  •  Complete with wooden or plastic nailable insert
  •  A commercially secure alternative to wooden H20
  • Reinforced through holes for tubes or tie bolts to pass-through
  • Stacking & bundling requires 50% less space compared with H20