The GASS aluminium shoring system has been engineered, designed and developed with consideration for the many responsibilities and challenges that contractors are faced with during the project civil phase. The GASS shoring system has been conceived largely as a result of the experience of contractors, workers and form-work suppliers, who have endeavoured to improve the overall performance of heavy duty forming systems, how-ever without the burden of weight.

  • High load capacity up to 100 kN per leg
  •  Ideal for use on heavy infrastructure works, such as high-level slabs, bridges, transfer slabs, powerplants, tunnels, and many more.
  • High-Grade aluminum extruded profiles, robust and sustainable.
  • Only 3 main components to the support system
  •  Inner Jack-leg with 1.8 m of adjustment
  • Robust connection in gate braces from leg to gate
  • Continuous slots (x8) per outer leg allow the gate bracing to be positioned at any location vertically in association with the design brief.
  • Safer and stronger with the added advantage of versatility, without compromising on the competitive economic advantages.
  •  Can be implemented as a table system that can be rolled and flown between casting phases.
  • Minimal component parts and fast assembly mechanisms reducing erection and dismantling times which ultimately leads to
    labour saving.