The FST-150 formwork beam, the Innovative, highly durable & economic alternative to H20 and aluminum formwork beams, for your concrete construction needs. The beam is essentially a high-grade roll a formed steel beam from a single sheet, which can be finished with the wooden or plastic nailing insert.

  • Long-lasting & completely weather-resistant, but utilizing steel roll form and the latest anti-corrosion zinc-magnesium coatings.
  • Highly accurate & consistent in shape with excellent dimensional tolerances
  • Long life and highly resistant to damage, due to the use of high-quality steel and the latest roll forming techniques providing a robustly configured beam profile
  • Very low rate of reparation or maintenance when considered against wooden H20 or aluminum
  • Highly attractive and effective for the rental market as a result of the longer lifespan, with reduced storage and transportation needs as bundling reduces space by 35% compared to wooden beams
  • Very easy to handle, with a weight of 5.9 KG / per Lm
  • Hole penetrations to allow scaffold tube fixing & tie rods to pass through.
  • Allowable bending moment M = 5.7 kNm approx. 20% higher than wooden H20 approx. 50% higher than aluminium S150
  • High allowable shearing force Q = 20 kN Allowing for greater spacings for props