FINAN Vertifan option can be described as an major evolution of the traditional Safety Net Fan Solution. The safety net fan requirement has grown and is now recognized by many major contractors and authorities as a must have safety solution. The Vertifan demonstrates a major step forward for our clients, with this particular product development.
Designed as a one piece self climbing unit, the Vertifan comes complete with double layer vertical netting as well as Safety Net Fan, fully compliant with European Standard EN-1263-2 Type T, using 60 x 60 and 20 x 20 double layered nets. The netting provides for the full vertical barrier at the building perimeter as well as horizontal protection with the safety net fan.

  • Lightweight (All Aluminium System) efficient engineering
  • Self Climbing, therefore crane independently
  • Integral Safety Net Fan attachment to catch any falling materials
  • Full Vertical floor to floor height protection, double layer safety netting + hand railing
  • Much closer positioning of fans under slab formwork
  • Full vertical protection for follow on trades, e.g perimeter
  • blockwork, temporary
  • edge protection installation
  • Continuous mobile materials fall protection
  • Adaptable to varying geometry
  • Close proximity to active high-risk works
  • Long-life aluminum structure
  • Twin layered nets eliminate penetration
  • New vertical and horizontal protection combine