Our extensive range of loading platforms, offer the complete solution for all your material distribution requirements, when delivering your high rise projects. The platforms come in fixed and retractable state allowing for a fixed single level, single location unit, or multiple units inline vertically with the primary feature of easy manual rollback. All our units come with complete specification, load testing & installation configuration drawings followed with onsite support, through crew training and briefings

  • es of the loading platforms are:
  • Safe and efficient loading and off-loading of material on site reducing crane time
  • Installed vertically inline to increase safety and productivity
  • Tested independently to 2 x SWL
  • Safe and easy installation with pre-designated lifting lugs tested to 2.5 x SW with Telescopic Props tested to 4 x SWL and hinged end panel doors
  • 6mm chequered plate with pedal hinge operated ramp
  • One person can retract or extend the platform
  • Stackable units for multiple unit transportation and storage
  • Easy & Efficient assembly
  • Flexibility to varying building geometry
  • Provide efficient loading & unloading of vital materials at designated floors
  • Can be vertically positioned in the building grid
  • Easily repositioned to a new floor
  • A full variation on size & load capacity