Established in 2013 the CONNECTRIX brand have a wide range of patented, innovative products that have helped to revolutionize the construction process of high-rise structures. The CONNECTRIX / FINAN FORMWORKS team are a dedicated and passionate engineering team with decades of experience in the construction of highrise buildings. The company now operates across the Middle East and west towards UK & Europe. Our integrated systems have proven to rival and out perform any similar systems available in the global marketplace, in terms of technical and commercial The CONNECTRIX / FINAN FORMWORKS Jumpform system is proven to be a solution of the future. With Safety, Speed, Effeciency, Accuracy and Cost in mind, our solution has become a leader and the system choice for forward thinking contractors. Using state of the art design software and the highest quality formwork components, the CONNECTRIX / FINAN FORMWORKS Jump form system will surpass the expectations of any framework contractor. In today’s commercially driven marketplace, where reduction in labour is paramount, coupled with improved cycle times, our Jump form solution will ensure reduced man hours and increased speed on any geometry, associated with vertical core and concrete structures.

The CONNECTRIX / FINAN FORMWORKS Jump form system has been designed with Safety and Productivity in mind. The advantages and benefits of our system are as follows:

  • Set up time will be significantly reduced in comparison to traditional competitor systems
  • Complete jumping and levelling between floor cycles can be completed within 1 hour
  •  Jumping can commence at a concrete strength of 8Mpa as opposed to 25Mpa, that other systems may
  • Without trailing deck requirement, it means the floor slabs can be within 1 floor of the system as opposed to the traditional 3
  • No cast in anchor support systems or lost items
  • No tower crane requirement once the system has been set up and commissioned
  • Requires 50% labour in comparison to competitor systems
  • Full safety perimeter enclosure at all times
  • Robust and accurate with fine adjustment at any independent jacking points
  • Ability to carry the placing boom within the rig saving any slab penetrations
  • Toilet block and office space can be configured on top for ease of logistics