The system FF-Trio allows a wide selection of different formwork height and width, with a few elements as possible, while fully compatible to any structure geometry forming an innovative solution to the building industry. The panel consists of a closed steel hollow profile and an 18 mm thick multi-layer plate made of birch a veneer can prove to be a long life robust system for wall formwork.

  • A robust wall panel system assembled using the fast-acting BFD Coupler
  • Universally applicable and fully versatile for all vertical structures elements
  • 3 main system heights ( @ 1.20m, 2.70m & 3.30m) with 6 no. different widths
  • Heavy Duty robust design achieving up to 80 kg per/m2
  • Vibration resistant and flush connection / alignment through the wedge clamp
  • ¬†Minimal loose components or accessories, allowing efficient workflow and minimal storage
  • Developed, produced & tested in accordance with
    German guidelines
  • Consists of only 6 element widths
  • Only one scarf lock
  • ¬†Stability: up to 80 kN pressure absorption
  • Formwork: film-coated birch, 220g
  • Rust protection due to internal wax coating
  • Fast assembly due to few individual parts
  • Long service life